Skyping With The Girls of Guernsey

An Early Monday Morning.

This is when it all started, Ms. Gesin having her computer set up eagerly awaiting the sound of skype to tell us when they were calling. On March 18, 2013 our New Media class had gotten the opportunity to have a skype call with a class on the island ofGuernsey. Guernsey  is a British Crown dependency in the EnglishChannel off the coast of Normandy. We all seemed very excited to see the curly hair of Ms. Gesin’s friend Martine, and behind her was her job organization class of all girls.

What did we do first?

Of course we saw a lot of faces at first but we didn’t know any names. One by one they came up to the camera and introduced themselves. Their names were, Micaela, Chelsea, Courtney, Levi, Abbie, Lindsay, Melissa and Linda. Of course there were always a few shy kids in class who we didn’t get to see that well but they gave us a friendly wave anyway.  Both their class (as well as ours) had come up with questions to ask one another in turns. Some of those questions where like what their average school day was, What music do they listen to, What american shows do they watch, Where is Guernsey, What were our feelings were on the royal family and more!

A School Day At Guernsey

  • Private vs Public Schools in Guernsey. » “Private” school the students had to pay for their education when “public” the districts pay for their education. 
  • The girls from Guernsey are in a job organization class in college.
  • The difference between college and school there is that they no longer need to wear uniforms to college, and there aren’t any sports.
  • Their School day starts around Nine o’clock in the morning.
  • They have their Fridays off.
  • 1000-1500 kids in their school and about 20-30 in a class.

They have different levels of school. That was structured sort of like American schooling:

  • Primary School (Elementary School to around the age of 11)
  • Secondary School (11 – 16)
  • Further Schooling or they went Straight to school
  • A Levels (College Prep)
  • University (College! And in order to go to University they would have to leave Guernsey and go to England.)


We found out while we were skyping that we all had the same tastes in music. Sure none of us could call what we listened to “Mainstream” but what we did listen to we had in common with the guernsey girls as well as Martine herself.  We had asked them what American artists they like to listen to and they told us this.

  • Nicki Minaj
  • Drake
  • Lil Wayne
  • “Hannah Montana”

Then they asked us what English artist we knew:

  • Jessie J
  • Foo Fighters
  • One Direction
  • Ed Sheeran
  • Mumford & Sons.

A Little More About Guernsey.

It seemed like we were very interested in Guernsey and asked what is was like there. They told us :

  • Guernsey is off the coast of England. (In between France and England and near the English channel.)
  • It was very expensive to move there from England but for those who were born there didn’t have much money trouble.
  • They have their own government, although their currency is the same value as the UK.
  • They have a population of around 66,000 people.
  • The island was very small (Smaller than New Jersey).
  • They have a lot of beaches, which was a given being that it is an island.
  • Drinking age is 18
  • 30 pounds to fill up a car
  • Voting age is 16


This was a topic all of us could relate to, with the exception of a few boys that probably couldn’t care less in our class. The Girls had a similar style to the girls in our class. Some of the things they wear in Guernsey are:

  • Leather Jackets
  • Checkered Shirts
  • Pumps
  • Converse
  • Vans
  • False Eyelashes

The girls said that all the boys over there try and look like Justin Beiber. Caroline Weiner had something to say about this, being that she had been to England and has stayed long enough to observe the fashion over there compared to that of boys at our school she said,

“Boys here don’t even try” . Of course the boys protested but it seemed to be the truth, that they were in fact to lazy to try to look decent in the morning.

Social Media

Of course we had to relate it back to this course, so we asked them what sort of social media sites they used over there in Guernsey.

  • They have Facebook, but they don’t use it. Instead they use Twitter
  • Instagram
  • They’ve never heard of Pinterest
  • They use Vine
  • They don’t use Snapchat

That was very interesting being that most of us here all started on Facebook and then began to make our way towards Twitter before it took over the Social Media world.  Not only that but they didn’t use some of the apps that were extremely popular here.

Saying Goodbye

Although it was very fun, we unfortunately had to end the call being that it was around the girls lunch time and they had to eat. We all waved goodbye to each other and exchanged wide grins, and promised to do it again soon. I personally had a wonderful time skyping with them and felt that I learned so much!

The Guernsey Girls!

Class photo small (1)

                                                (Micaela, Chelsea, Courtney, Levi, Abbie, Lindsay, Melissa and Linda)


4 thoughts on “Skyping With The Girls of Guernsey

  1. Hi Micaela

    Thanks for such a great blog post. I am so glad you enjoyed chatting with my class on Monday. They loved it too. It was fun finding out all about life as an American student.

    I really hope we’ll be able to talk again before the academic year is out.

    Thanks again

    Martine (Administration class tutor)

  2. Awsome blog post it was so interesting to see how American students live and what they enjoy. We’re all teenagers and all enjoy the same sort of thing which doesn’t change wherever you are. Fashion is also quite an interesting topic too as most people wear what they like which also doesn’t change either.

    I enjoyed the Skype call with your class a lot i’m surprised with how much information you managed to note down and take in! It’s unbelievable how different where we all live is. You must have all been completely baffled to think there are quite a lot of people on a small island and it’s probably nothing compared to what you all think 🙂

    Hopefully we can all Skype again before we finish!

    All the best

    Micaela A (Guernsey Student)

  3. It was great Skyping with you guys! It’s amazing how similar and different we are. I found it fascinating that you guys admire Kendall and Kylie Jenner and Justin Beiber. I personally follow Kendall and Kylie and I love their fashion too! Also since we exchanged our Twitter profiles, it’s really cool to see how similar we are. We complain about the same things and want summer to start!

    However, our school systems are so different. I wish I was at your school; I would love no school on Fridays. (I’m currently writing this comment on a Friday morning at 8:30 at school.) Starting school at 9:00am would be amazing too.

    Thanks for Skyping with us and I hope we can do this again.
    Laura G (American student)

  4. I really liked the skype call, even if I wasn’t really visible in it. Though I find it a bit funny that Americans and Gurnsey-ans have similar interests, but in this day an age, perhaps it isn’t really quirky. I do remember in Slovakia, though, there were artists I didn’t recognize and did. However, nobody really spoke english there, so I assume it isn’t that relevant.
    (I also wish we had fridays off. Three day weekends sound glorious)

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