Cali, Jersey, The Big Apple, and Fancy Guys

We made new friends!

Recently, our class had a Skype session with a job organization skills class from Guernsey, an English island in the English Channel off of the coast of France. Our session was quite fascinating and many things were said about both our culture and theirs. After the Skype session, the girls gave us all their Twitter names and some of us followed them and some of them followed us. So where is Guernsey?  


Fridays Off?!

One main difference was that they were in college yet they were all the same age as us, juniors in high school. We further learned that their schooling systems are much different. They have private vs. public schools just like we do. Private school kids pay for their education while public schooled kids do not. Their school day starts at 9 am,  a nice two hours after ours. They have Fridays off and have a summer break. They do not have sports in their school, just like Communications however their schools are much bigger having around 1,500 students. Their actual school life consisted of this:

  • Primary School (5-11 years old)
  • Secondary School (11-16) for this students must take and pass the 11+ test
  • Students have the choice of “College,” the work world, or Universities (Only Universities are in England)

Concrete Jungles and Beautiful Beaches

Something interesting that was brought up was the answers to our question of Where would you like the go in the US? Answers varied. We got:

  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • California
  • Beverly Hills
  • Boston
  • Florida

Leather and Lazy Boys

Another main topic brought up was the fashion of the UK vs the fashion of the USA. The UK seemed much more hipster and classy with their messy buns and leather jackets. They also said they wear “false eyelashes,” something us Americans only wear for special occasions, certainly never to school. They were much inspired by the Kardashians fashion as are some Americans. A huge controversy was how the guys dress in Guernsey vs. America. The girls in the class explained how the boys all try to mimic the most famous teen pop star in America, Justin Bieber. Many guys here in the US criticize anyone who even mentions his name. The girls said that the boys wear colored “skinnies” and converse and also vans which are popular in the US. The girls in our American class then realized how lazy the guys in America are. The guys in the UK dress preppy and try to impress girls where as the guys here wear a total of five different t-shirts, three pairs of jeans, and the same shoes and hats everyday.

The Experience 

Our Skype session with Guernsey was very interesting and an experience very much worth it. It was so strange knowing that on our screen were people living a completely different life halfway around the world. They were fun and much like any teenager in the US. Although there were major differences in slang, clothing, and schooling they seemed to like the same Social Media websites, music, and TV shows as American teenagers. Besides culture differences, kids will be kids, boys will be boys, and teenagers will be teenagers. Don’t you agree?

The Guernsey Class 

The Guernsey Class 


4 thoughts on “Cali, Jersey, The Big Apple, and Fancy Guys

  1. Hello!

    Your blog post looks awsome! I especially like the fact you’ve got the map of Guernsey to demonstrate where we are :-). It was great fun Skyping with you all and interesting to see how American students live. Hopefully we can do it again some time soon! By the way we all love your accents haha.

    Take care and i hope everything goes well for you in the future 🙂

    Micaela A (Guernsey Student)

  2. It was really great to Skype with the students from Guernsey! Not only were their accents awesome but they really gave us an inside look into their very different lives. I learned so much about their European lifestyle and I have to say I’m pretty jealous. If only we had Fridays off here in the states. Life would be better for everyone and not as stressful. I think I speak for the entire female population of the US if I say that girls in America would also be really happy if American guys dressed half as well as guys in the UK. The fashion for the girls in the UK actually surprised me. I expected something a bit more preppy and certainly not Kardashian inspired. Is the entire world obsessed with that family?
    Besides the fashion it was interesting to get to hear the places the Guernsey students wanted to visit in the U.S. New York City and Los Angeles are the most common answers for everyone but it was nice to know that at least one of the students wanted to visit a city like Boston. It was great to listen to their opinions on America. I hope we can all Skype again and learn even more.

  3. I thought the article was very interesting, but I do think you should give us American guys a break. Especially in our area, most families are middle-class. A lot of the “Hipster” or preppy brands they wear in Europe are incredibly expensive, at least over here in the U.S., and most families can’t afford them, especially with college around the corner. But i digress; I really liked the rest of the article. You really made sense of their school system, which I didn’t really understand the first time the Guernsey girls explained it. All in all, it was a fantastic article.

  4. A lot of the guys i know tend to wear jeans, tops, hoodies, high tops and flat peaks but always tend to be a certain type of make. Sometimes you get the guys who like to wear clothes such as chinos and shirts and probably conversers or vans. I think it’s completely up to the people what they wear but things in general over here can be expensieve. I personally have a part time job at a supermarket called Waitrose so i have to pay for my own things such as clothes, make up etc.

    It was hard to explain everything easily for everyone to understand as systems over here are completely different to yours. We do have beaches here as it is an island but probably nothing compared to yours! Plus i’m pretty sure the temperate there is a lot hotters than ours in the summer so count yourselves fortunate as in England i believe it’s harder/longer to travel to beaches if you live in the centre so i think another thing we have common is easier access to sandy beaches 🙂

    I agree it’s a lovely article!

    Micaela Aguiar (Guernsey Student)

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